30 July, 2011

Feeding the mind

Almighty God,
You have fed us with the harvest of the fields and nourished us with the fruit of the land. May we not forget to feed our minds by reading your Word and spending time with you.


28 July, 2011

Overflowing grace

God of all creation,
What a beautiful world you have made. The earth is filled with your wonders. Every animal looks to you to be fed, and you feed them from your full hands. Thank you for also feeding us.


26 July, 2011

Twinkle, twinkle

Can be sung to the tune of "Twinkle, twinkle, little star"

God of love and God of grace
now we come to you in praise
thanking you for all you give—
family, friends, and food to live.
Bless this meal and help us be
folks who serve you faithfully.

23 July, 2011

Praise God

Trees of green, skies of blue,
all good things come from you.
For this food that we eat
we praise your name so sweet.


21 July, 2011

Bearing fruit

Mighty God,
Humans prepare the soil and plant the seeds and work the land, but it is only because of the power and mystery of your creation that our work bears fruit. Thank you for providing a way for us to feed ourselves and keep ourselves living.


19 July, 2011

Omnipresent Grace

Ever-Present God,
Be with us as we share this meal,
and bless each person gathered here.
Be also with our loved ones who
are scattered far or live real near.


17 July, 2011

Good Seeds, Good Deeds

Gracious God,
The tiniest seed, when cared for properly, produces much fruit. May that wonder of your creation remind us that every good deed we do, no matter how small, might cause love to grow in the hearts of others. Thank you for this food. Bless those whose good deeds provided it for us.