19 August, 2011

Live Grace

Great God, we bow our heads in prayer
to thank you for the gifts you give:
our food, our home, our health, the air
we breathe each day so we can live.
And as we live within this world
may all our words and deeds be kind, s
o others know we love you, Lord,
with all our heart and soul and mind.


17 August, 2011

Encompassing Grace

We praise you, gracious God, our King,
for you love every living thing.
Beasts and fish, and birds of air—
all are in your tender care.
We know, O Lord, you love us, too.
And now we thank you for this food.


15 August, 2011

Shepherding Grace

God, we worship you with gladness, for you have made us and we are your people. You feed us and care for us as a shepherd cares for the sheep of his pasture. We thank you and praise your name for you are good and your love endures forever.


Based on Psalm 100

14 August, 2011

Simple Grace

Dear God,
Thank you for the sun that warms us and for the rain that waters the earth. Thank you for this food.


13 August, 2011

Living Grace

May we not be so concerned with our own needs that we fail to see the needs of others—in our neighborhood, in our church, at work, even in our own family. Thank you for fulfilling our needs with this food.


11 August, 2011

Incomparable Grace

Merciful God,
This grace we offer in thanks for our meal cannot compare to the grace with which you forgive us so freely and lovingly. Accept our thanks for your grace and for this food.


09 August, 2011

Grace Like An Ocean

Everlasting God,
Like the waves of an ocean your love never stops. Day after day your blessings wash over us, enriching our lives. Thank you for this meal. May we live each day in worship of you.


08 August, 2011

Grace for senses

Dear God,
For eyes to see, ears to hear,
for mouths to speak and chew,
for this food and all your gifts
we give our thanks to you.


06 August, 2011

Sweet Grace

We thank you, God, for loving us
and for your grace so sweet.
Now we pray you'll bless this food
that we're about to eat.


04 August, 2011

Respecting God's name

O God,
Everyone knows your name. May we always say it with reverence and respect, not when we are surprised or angry, for you deserve to be honored. We honor you now for your goodness to us, and we thank you for this food.


02 August, 2011

Bountiful grace

Dear Master and Creator,
Everything in this bountiful land was given to us from your powerful hand.
For all of our blessings we thank you.